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These are the projects done in NID as courseworks or as semester projects. They were a part of the learning process:

Interactions for sound based Virtual worlds

Semester 3 Project - Guide: Dr. Vinod Vidhwans

The project delved into looking at the challenges of designing interactions for a sound based virtual worlds.The project proposed interactions for a Virtual Blind Man's Buff with a working prototype for the same.This was a classroom Project.

Scope of Circular Interfaces in small devices

Semester 2 Project - Guide: Prof. Himangini Sinha

Investigating into the behavior of circular motion of the opposable thumb on small devices,the project researched on possible ways in which circular interfaces can be used in small devices.Finally a circular interface for a music player was proposed.

Therapeutic Robotic Toy for Autistic kids

Human Robotic Interaction Project - Guide: Dr. Bibhudatta Baral

The project dealt with understanding Robotics and its applications in social life. I personally chose the topic of autistic kids. The final concept was a randomly moving robotic toy which can help autistic kids to relate to non linear thinking. A working prototype of the robot was designed.

Reflecto: Toy game teaching principles of light

Competition at IIT Mumbai - Finalists

The game was built to teach the basic principle of Reflection. Embedding learning with a playful environment was the key focus. A working electronic prototype of the game was constructed.

Context Aware Bank Security System

Display and Control Project - Guide: Dr. Prabir Mukhopadhyay

The design goals of the project were given in the form of a scenario of a bank system.The systems associated with the domain were identified and analyzed. New concepts were explored.A Flash prototype was implemented

Effects Research: Instant Messaging

Media Studies Project - Guide: Milindo Taid

A study of how computer mediated communication like instant messaging affects its users. Available instant messaging tools were studied.Analyzing the results gave deep insights of how instant messaging is affecting our day to day life.

A Wayfinding system for students in an alien city

WayFinding Project - Guide: Jay Rutherford

This project helped students try to find new locations in new city.
When they shift there for education they face different difficulties.
Such scenarios were studied and a resultant system that showed the use of existing knowledge was proposed.