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These are the projects done in NID either as classroom projects or as courseworks. They were a part of the learning process:

Scope of Circular Interfaces in small devices

 Semester 2 Project - Guide: Prof. Himangini Sinha

Today small embedded devices have become evident in our day to day life. With the advent of electronic consumer goods like digital cameras, mobile phones, personal digital assistants etc. more and more people are getting used to smaller hand held devices.The User Interface of such devices
put forward a new challenge to the designer considering their sheer size and space available on screen display.The project investigated the scope of circular interfaces in small devices (i.e. handheld portable and mobile devices) it involved study of all connected systems to circular interfaces followed by design proposal of a product which uses circular interfaces.


Starting with an understanding of circular shape the research progressed towards the connection of human thumb motion over circular surfaces. Using thermocole dummy form factors this motion was studied. Using this data the possibilities of circular user interfaces was conceptualized. One such concept of a music player was chosen and detailed upon. Detailed wireframes of such an interface were produced. Along with the onscreen wireframes, the relationship of the form of the device with the circularity of the onscreen interface was established. Finally a complete music device was presented incuding the physical form, virtual interface and possible features of the device.


The end product of the project was the complete concept of the music player displaying the use of circular interfaces and interactions. This clearly displayed the scope of circular interfaces in small devices and the challenges faced to design the same.