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Apart from Academic and Professional projects there are some other personal or freelance projects you can see them here...


Along with my photography learning at NID, I have a liking towards capturing moments from much before. Personally i believe photography is not just about making things look good, but also capturing people, emotions, events as they are in their most natural form...

Kiss and Tale: A Short Film

Movies are among my other interests and hence during my open elective at NID I had chosen “Creativity and Video” as my 3 weeks course.We made a short 3 minute film. Although most of the work was collaborative including script writing to cinematography, i played a major role in direction of the film.

Save Browser State

When you do a search across a search engine or open related web pages, you have a particular style and thinking of your own that u apply to it. With the advent of tabbed browsers the above concept tries to capture this knowledge of ours. College Website

During my Engineering days we ventured out to make our college identity on the web.The college website was an attempt to build an online identity of the institute. The process started from convincing the stakeholders for the need of such an investment. Followed by applying best possible methods to make the website possible.

Posters, brochures, logos...

Ever since my Engineering days i have been involved in graphics design work which include freelance, college festivals etc.

Usability/Functional Testing

Some of my work as a freelancer included doing usability testing for browser toolbars etc..