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NID Coursework...

These are some of the courses done at NID. They were a part of the learning process. You can download the pdf of a full list of courses undertaken at NID here or go through some of the major coursework below.

Usability Testing

2 Weeks Course- by Resmy Kurien(HFI)

Usability testing of a web based instant messaging tool was done. After initial analysis a set of sample scenarios were decided.Users were interviewed to test the application. The results were analyzed and recommendations for improvement of the application were proposed.

Cognitive Ergonomics

2 Weeks - by Dr.Era Poddar

Learnt techniques of doing cognitive evaluation, performed the same on to find usability issues.A few set tasks were identified and an expert analysis was performed against a set of heuristics. The course also included cognitive evaluation of printers.

Information Design

4 Weeks - by Prof. Andreas Schneider(Japan)

This course connected local information to the web using applications like google Earth and google maps.The final output Inheritage is a web application that allows photo and experience sharing using the web. It also allows positioning photographs of the heritage walk on google earth.

Design Concepts and Concerns

4 Weeks - by Prof. M.P.Ranjan

A foundation course in Design, this course introduced me to the world of design and the design process as a whole. Group project to find opportunities in "New information services for citizens as an industry" was undertaken.

Color and Form

4 Weeks - by Prof Parmar

Being the core elements of Design this course helped in understanding the famous lines "form follows function", Gestalt theories and basics of Color. Further ahead the course Advanced Form gave inputs on how creative forms can be used to fit technology within.

Composition and Typography

2 Weeks - by Prof. Mahendra Patel

One of the first fundamental courses which exposed me to the world of Typography and Composition. Coming from an engineering background the course was a good learning.

Story Telling

2 Weeks - by Binita Desai

Story Telling being another one of the fundamental courses that shapes my design approach.One of my favourite fundamental courses as writing stories is one of my hobbies.