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Blogs and of September 2009

One of my hobbies is to write,I express myself in words naturally, here are some of my links to my blogs

Personal Blog:

My first blog, this is where I express my personal thoughts and musings in this blog, to get the latest about me read this one

Design Blog:

This is my Design Thinking blog where i share excerpts and from my design readings as well as share my own views about design.

Design Links:

This is a collection of design and related links that i get or find in my journey across the information jungle.

NID Notes:

A place where i share some useful design notes taken during NID times, i plan to expand this space for any academic/seminar notes that i may take in future too.

Historical Ref.:

Just a hobby blog where i collect information about historical, particularly archeological collections of cities/places learning how they were transformed.

Looking Through Lens:  Photo Collection

As I capture the world in my lens, you can view some of those moments here