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These are the projects done in NID either as classroom projects or as courseworks. They were a part of the learning process:

Effects Research: Instant Messaging

 Media Studies Project - Guide: Milindo Taid

Instant messaging has been a wave in the internet revolution and can be considered as a milestone in the evolution of information age. With the advent of communication technology reaching new arenas Instant Messaging was allowing the ever-growing internet population to connect to each other.This was a study of how computer mediated communication like instant messaging affects its users.


Starting with study of available instant messaging tools an effects research was undertaken among 53 users of different categories. The results of the same were analyzed and presented as a work product. A final report of the complete study was created to share the understanding of the study. This was an individual project.

Key Observations

  • Messengers keep people awake at night hence change biological clock.
  • Mood induction due to chatting is found in some
  • Messengers are used for personal talks the most