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These are the projects done in NID either as classroom projects or as courseworks. They were a part of the learning process:

Context Aware Bank Security System

 Display and Control Project - Guide: Dr. Prabir Mukhopadhyay

The course focussed on the role of displays and controls on interfaces and interactions. The design goals of the project were given in the form of a scenario of a bank system. The problem stated was “ To develop a security lock/ mechanism for secure vaults in banks, this along with its general functions will provide features for pressure situations like burglary and bank robbery”.


The systems associated with the domain were identified and analyzed. New concepts were explored. A voice activated interface that identifies the emotional state of the manager and allows access was chosen as final design. The detailed interaction where the system identifes the anxiety level was proposed. A Flash prototype of the same was implemented.


As a final product a concept sketch , detailed interaction and a flash mock up/prototype of the same was created. Along with it a detailed documentation was done for possible implementation. You can download the document below.