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These are the projects done in NID either as classroom projects or as courseworks. They were a part of the learning process:

Interactions for sound based Virtual worlds

 Semester 3 Project - Guide: Dr. Vinod Vidhwans

The mystery between virtual worlds and the real have been challenging mankind since a long time. This project explored the scenarios and concepts for sound based virtual worlds, a world with only sounds and their interaction opportunities.
Being a research type of project, the project initially revolved around creating a understanding of virtual space. Learnings from visually impaired people were considered, for whom sound is one of the necessities for survival. These observations generated varied concepts and possible interactions with the same. Finally implementing a concept of "virtual blind mans buff" with their required interactions.


The process stressed more on the observation,reflection and realization part. The focus was more on conceptualization and detailing of the same, in the form of prototype.Initially the parent domain was chosen after the investigations and observations in the domain. Reflections were recorded. Concepts were generated for that domain. Few concepts were selected. A refinement of the concepts was done with detailed understanding. Scenarios of Use were built. Detailed interaction design of one such Concept-scenario was made.


The end product of the project was interaction patterns and an experience prototype of Virtual Blind Mans Buff Game. Detailed interactions of the game were created to show how interactions in sound based worlds can be handled.