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Professional of March 2010

These are the projects done professionally for companies or organizations, they are generally based on industry requirements and inputs thereby:

Gesture Based Interactions for Exploratory Learning

  at Hewlett Packard Labs - Bangalore

This was the final semester diploma-project undertaken at Hewlett-Packard Labs, Bangalore. It involved searching for opportunities in gesture based interactions for next generation desktop PC. The domain area chosen was that of exploratory learning for early adolescent kids. The project involved initial user and domain research, concept generation, concept detailing and prototyping.


Starting with understanding the domain of gestures a few initial concepts were presented. Based on these concepts the domain of exploratory learning for early adlescent kids was chosen.Followed by this a detailed User Research was conducted observing around 35-40 kids in an exploratory museum. Using the key findings from these observations concepts were generated.
One of these concept was chosen from peer review and detailed design was considered. The concept was prototyped and presented. The same was documented in details. You can download a preview of the document here. For the complete document please contact me via mail.


The product of the project was the detailed interactions of G3xplorer
(a 3D object learning tool);which was one of the many concepts visualized for the project. Along with the prototype of Gexplorer, one of the major products was the document that gives detailed insights for Gesture based interactive products as against general WIMP metaphor.