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Professional of March 2010

These are the projects done professionally for companies or organizations, they are generally based on industry requirements and inputs thereby:

CMM Diagrams: Info Visualization

 at MAQ Software- Mumbai

CMM i.e. Capability Maturity Models in the field of software development provides a model for understanding the capability and maturity of an organization's software development business processes. A visualization of these models based on company processes was the task in hand during this project. These visualizations were aimed at making the complex company processes into easy to understand diagrams.

The Process

Starting from understanding the documented processes, to discussions with the Quality Assurance guys the process was very collaborative.After initial unerstanding I made visuals based on the process flow of each activity. This included assigning metaphoric icons for certain communication media like documents or CDs etc. The process helped me get a greater understanding of how software companies with CMM Level 5 work. It also helped me apply my visual skills to create understandable info graphics.