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Professional of March 2010

These are the projects done professionally for companies or organizations, they are generally based on industry requirements and inputs thereby:

Design and Development of Fault Booking System

 at BSNL - Mumbai

The final year Engineering project was undertaken at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Mumbai. In a team of 3, we designed and developed the Fault Booking System (Web application) for Leased lines provided by BSNL. The project involved a complete software development life cycle, right from initial system analysis upto the final product testing and delivery.

The Process

This was a project during engineering time and hence it followed an evolutionary Software Development Life Cycle.The complete project was majorly divided in two phases. Understanding and Implementing. The understanding part involved comprehension of the existing system of Mananged Leased Line Network at BSNL. It helped us know the details of how internet reaches our homes. After initial understanding a system analysis was presented along with a small prototype of what we proposed to create. Using UML diagrams to elucidate the analysis we began development of the system. The coding for the system was done in a modular level. Starting from unique fault identification generator to login dashboards for nodal officers and users were designed and implemented in ASP. Based on the architecture of the complete MLLN system different Nodal officers needed information dashboards of the complaints registered. Based on different type of Nodal Officers and the user communications their dashboards were created. Finally Component, Functionality, Interface testing of the entire application was done in details. The bugs were then resolved. Finally a help documentation was written to guide the users to use the system.

The Product

The web application was ported on a live server at BSNL for testing. The final product is now implemented and used by BSNL-Mumbai across its leased line system.